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Lasting Power of Attorney

What a Lasting Power of Attorney is and why it’s important to set one up before it’s too late.

The five threats to your estate that could be prevented with a Will.

“Wealth preservation is an important and integral part of good lifetime Financial planning. Watch this new short video to see 5 good reasons why you should use IFA Consultants Ltd who always consider estate planning as part of the advice process.”

Will Clarity

Make a Will

How a simple Trust can ensure your estate goes to exactly who you intend it to.

Marriage after death
What could happen to your estate if your partner remarries after you pass away.

Long Term Care
How to protect your home against long term care costs.

Generational IHT
Don’t let the tax man take your money every time it’s passed down to a future generation.

Find out how to protect your estate if those you leave it to go bankrupt.

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